Q: You Donate one Gig per month to a Charity?  How does a Charity / Not-for-Profit organization get selected for a free band gig?

A: YES! 

We can provide entertainment to your charity event IF your charity:    Has an presence in Ohio;   Is not a religious-based entity;   Is having an event that will attract a minimum of 100 adults;   Is having an event in a venue large enough for a band, people, and dancing if desired;  Can cover the cost of a Sound System if not already present at venue;  Contacts Victorious KayBirds at least 45 days prior to event;  Serves all people equitably without discrimination;  If VKB is not already scheduled for an other charity event that month.


Q: Why does VKB have New Orleans Artists and Songs (NOLA) added to their Soul, Blues, Rock Set lists?

A: Karla Kay was fortunate to visit New Orleans and other Louisiana cities many times over the years; Before Katrina and AK.  She remembers her first time she heard Charmaine Neville and later the Neville Brothers, and the first time she heard Brass bands, zydeco bands, and felt the energy of NOLA.  With such a variety of music attributed to and played in NOLA, it is exciting to spice up a Soul / Blues set list with some unique songs of the south.  K. Kay also helped provide Disaster Relief for over 6 months in 2005 in Louisiana after Katrina and Rita hurricanes.  This added a unique blend of new-to-her music to her expansive “Like” list.  Plus, Karla Kay likes King Cake and the Mardis Gras Traditions.  Ohio needs a bit of that energy.

Q: Does Victorious KayBirds play for  Private events, Weddings, Corporate parties, Special Events, and Large Unique House Parties ? 

A:  YES !!  All of the above and more.  We are able to do that well because our musicians are experienced and versatile which enables them to adjust their style to your event, without losing our personality. Moreover we have created setlists for different events and with different size bands.  From our usual 6 piece band down to 3-piece band, or 4 or 5 or 7 .......:)

Ask us about planning a Bring-the-Band-Home  event with your friends, coworkers, family.  We can show you how it can be more fun and often less expensive to have a party with a LIVE BAND at your house, backyard, local park, etc.  Instead of everyone driving to a bar to hear live music, why not have a House Party and stay safely at home?!

Q: Where do you post your Calendar, to share past and future events?  (We don't see them on your Website) 

A: Sadly, we are not really website or social media gurus.  Sigh.  We keep the calendar and event updates on our SonicBids site, 


 and on FaceBook Events section of our Page:


However, we listed where we HAVE played during our first full year as the newly named Victorious KayBirds  on our page "About Us" , on this web site ! 

See that "About Us" page, please. 

We do not promote or share shows  far in advance.  Also, we do not list or display many Private Events, if the public is not invited.  Nor do we show event photos from private events, unless specifically asked to by the Hostess / Organizer. 

We are, however, highly reachable and responsive.  Thus if you have questions about where we are playing or have played, please reach us via email and like my mom said - "Just Ask!" 

Q:  Do you have any Specials this Season? 

A:  YES! 

'Bring – Home – The – Band' Package with Victorious KayBirds


WHAT:   You can Bring-Home-The-Band!!  

The Victorious KayBirds band, for a private, secure, fun, you-control-the party. Suitable for Any Occasion. 

WHO: You, and your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, etc.

WHERE:  Your House, Yard, Shared Party room, Public Park, etc.

WHEN: Any day or night available on our calendars, with notice. Average band playing duration from 2 to 4 hours, with one hour set up & tear down.

WHY:  While going ‘out’ to hear live music and hang with friends is fun, gathering your friends at your home, party rooms, back-yard, neighborhoods can be convenient, secure, economic, & unique.  In lieu of spending for cover charges, costly food, and drinks, as a group you can pay less money and control the libations and menu choices. You know what is ideal for your friends.  

PACKAGE Includes:

One of Two sizes of band: Either a Three-Four piece OR a Five-Six-piece band; Sound System use; Weather Canopy; Live multi-genre music and fill music between sets; Two Requested Special Songs; Microphone use for announcements; Set up and Take down; FUN!  

Location must provide: Electricity, Restrooms, Severe Weather protection.


HOW:  Contact Victorious KayBirds, preferably more than 25 days prior.  More advance notice increases chance of availability.  Karlakay1006@gmail.com        www.VictoriousKayBirds.com