Q: You Donate one Gig per month to a Charity?  How does a Charity / Not-for-Profit organization get selected for a free band gig?

A: YES!  We can provide entertainment to your charity event if your charity: Has an presence in Ohio;   Is not a religious-based entity;   Is having an event that will attract a minimum of 100 adults;   Is having an event in a venue large enough for a band, people, and dancing if desired;   Can cover the cost of a Sound System if not already present at venue;  Contacts Victorious KayBirds at least 45 days prior to event;  Serves all people equitably without discrimination;  If VKB is not already scheduled for an other charity event that month.


Q: Why does VKB have New Orleans Artists and Songs (NOLA) added to their Soul, Blues, Rock Set lists?

A: Karla Kay was fortunate to visit New Orleans and other Louisiana cities many times over the years; Before Katrina and AK.  She remembers her first time she heard Charmaine Neville and later the Neville Brothers, and the first time she heard Brass bands, zydeco bands, and felt the energy of NOLA.  With such a variety of music attributed to and played in NOLA, it is exciting to spice up a Soul / Blues set list with some unique songs of the south.  K. Kay also helped provide Disaster Relief for over 6 months in 2005 in Louisiana after Katrina and Rita hurricanes. This added a unique blend of new-to-her music to her expansive “Like” list.  Plus, Karla Kay likes King Cake and the Mardis Gras Traditions – and she thinks Ohio needs a bit of that energy.

Q: Does Victorious KayBirds play for  Private events, Weddings, corporate parties, and Special Events? 

A:  YES !!  All of the above and more.  We are able to do that well because our musicians are experienced and versatile which enables them to adjust their style to your event, without losing our personality.