What Does Victorious KayBirds Play, You Ask.....
They entertain with a mix of genres from multiple decades, with a soul undertow. The horns like to stay busy with upbeat, cheerful tunes.  Entertaining for entire Communities is their mission, not just for one generation or one genre; which is why they are an excellent fit for public events and diverse audiences. Additionally they offer Special Shows for Special Events

Special Themed Shows for Special Events


1) A Joy-Inducing Music Mix - Their professional, researched blend of upbeat, optimistic, encouraging, victorious tunes that are genre-fluid and decade-shifting, with a Soul Undertow.  These ‘Positive Vibe’ songs, featuring horns and cheerful lyrics, will ignite listeners’ souls, to cause smiles, singing, dancing, and stress-escape occasions. It’s KayBirds’ “Escape Event” mix.  Of course, it includes the VKB dance contests.

2) KayBirds Live Karaoke – The VKB band’s mix of attendees joining the band as guest singers or back-up singers, mixed in between some of our songs.  Of course, it includes the VKB dance contests for adults and children. This Mix Crosses decades, genres, and generations and includes some well-known tunes. Contact us for list beforehand.

3) Smooth Soul – Similar to smooth jazz, but more fun. Easy Listening of Soul songs, mixed with Jazz & Blues; including saxophone & vocals.  Lovely for restaurants, brunches, receptions, intimate venues, and Historic Theater Venues. Includes a requested song unique to your event.

4) Country – Rock Show – Self Explanatory!

5) Sassy Women Singers Songs - from the best female voices, such as Etta, Irma, Tina, Aretha, Janis, Nina, Rosemary, Melanie, Koko, Dolly, Patsy, Bonnie, Carly, Barbara Lynn, Beth, Dusty, Sharon Jones, Susan Tedesci, etc.

6) Multi-Genre Mardi Gras Mix Party {MGMGM}– Louisiana & contiguous States; Mix of many genres, Beads, Contests, Dancing, Audience participation, and Menu themes.  This special show includes many diverse tunes about:  New Orleans, Voodoo, Southern Food, Bayous, Drinking, Mojo Magic, Dancing, Louisiana, & Good Times Rolling! Artists from Antoine 'Fats' Domino to ZZ Top, from the Animals to Johnny Winter.  Any time of the year!

WHERE HAS Victorious KayBirds PLAYED, YOU ASK......?

Here are some Venues and Events where they entertained guests, and increased attenence for businesses and ignited some JOY, with the experienced Victorious KayBirds band.  In addition to playing at many private events, and local public restaurants and venues, they also entertained at various Community Events, Festivals, Fairs, and noteworthy Ohio music venues such as:

·       Coshocton Hot Air Balloon Festival

·       Columbus Food and Wine Festival

·       PawPaw Festival – Athens County

·       Donuts & Beer Festival – Clippers Stadium

·       St. Mathews Parish Festival

·       Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza & Music

·       Doo Dah Parade’s After Party Event

·       Westerville Winter-Fest Event

·       Columbus Com-Fest- Virtual

·       The Hot Times Festival - Columbus

·       The Grandview Hop Street Fest

·       Ohio Festivals & Events Association

·       Zanesville’s First Friday Events

·       Marion Cnty. Blues & BBQ Festival

·       Wailin’ Wayne Weekend Festival

·       Curbside Concerts Series Cbus Prks & Rec.

·       ‘Pop-Up in the Park’ by Cbus Parks & Rec

·       Franklinton Fireworks Fundraiser Fest

·       Mid-Ohio Jeep Org. (MOJO) Rally

·       Upper Arlington Music in the Park  

·       Vinberige Vineyards 2nd Saturdays

·       Buckeye Lake Winery

·       London Rhythm and Ribs Fest

·       Englewood Arts Festival

·       Grandview Children’s Festival Event

·       Polaris Fashion Place’s ‘Night Market’

·       Huntington Ball Park – Corporate Event

·       NE Ohio Blues Assoc. Challenge Event

·       Columbus Blues Alliance Challenge

·       Ohio University Art Dept. Public Event  

·       Newark Strawberry Festival

·       Perry County Fair 

·       West Jefferson Ox Roast Fest       

·       Willard Music-Festival-in-the-Park

·       Purina Community Cares Day 

·       Shawnee Hills Music-in-the-Village

·       Ohio Big EggFest Obetz Fortress

·       West Liberty Historical Society Event

·       Secrest Auditorium Summer Concert Series

·       St Patrick Festival- London

·       Rocky Fork Hunt & Country Club

·       The Doo Dah Music events- Goodale Park

·       End Alzheimer’s Walk - Columbus Commons


Various Public & Private Clubs: Rocky Fork Hunt and Country Club, York Golf Club, Heritage Golf Club, etc.   

?? When shall we entertain you and your guests??


We are "Victorious KayBirds", an eclectic, experienced, engaging band based in Columbus, Ohio  

Victorious KayBirds, a group who includes the collective talents of some of Central Ohio's finest, experienced, and dependable professional musicians currently contributing to the local music scene, with a genre-fluid blend of Soul, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop.  “Joy-Inducing” and energizing, Victorious KayBirds will take you to a soul inspired happy place that can linger with you. They often cause dancing, spontaneous singing, & unfiltered smiles.  The only thing mssing in the band is Ego; they are playing for you.     The band is fronted by strong lead vocalist, Karla Kay, who has shared her soulful voice on numerous stages with numerous artists in various states. The lead guitarist Patrick, is the musical director that pulls & combines the talent from the seasoned musicians.  The musicians each have years of professional experience and it is evident in the talent displayed on their instruments and their ability to adapt to and connect with the audience.  The band’s combined decades of musical experience exceed 174 years of professional music-making!!  With inventive arrangements, unique but familiar sets lists, and a large range of styles this band makes connections to the audience and adds energy to your event; Joy-Inducing is the goal.

Flexibility! When you have that multifarious, diverse, multi-generation group, be confident that the mix of song choices will weave together to ensure everyone enjoys the event or venue.  KayBirds typically play within the broad genres of Soul, Blues, Rock, Pop, and NOLA music - but will 'cross the streams' and see no reason to stay in their lanes!

See the 'Set List Samples & Shows 'Page for a sample of artists; The list is continually updated and the band will take requests! Ask about our Special Themed Shows for your Venue, Event, Fundraiser, or Party  

VKB Promo Paragraph for Public Events, Festivals, etc.   Victorious KayBirds (VKB), from Columbus OH, are a "Joy-Inducing", genre-fluid band with an upbeat mix of Soul, Rock, Blues, Pop, with a dash of Louisiana, Country, and original tunes thrown in for flavor.   This 5-to-8-piece band was formed by uniting seasoned, professional musicians with over 176+ years of combined experience to share music that will cause dancing, singing, & many spontaneous smiles.  The Victorious KayBirds band entertains diverse audiences with uplifting, horn accented, shows. Be ready for the dance contest and audiencie participation with the Victorious KayBirds.

Diverse Music for your Diverse Group!!

Bios of Band Members: 

The Lead Guitar Player - Pat Painter

Pat is a native of Utica, OH and resides nearby in Newark, OH. He has been playing guitar professionally for over 35 years! Additionally, he teaches guitar to many students of all ages; for more than two decades. Pat started his musical career as a heavy metal & rock musician! Over the years he has incorporated many different musical styles & genres into his repertoire. He has played in numerous Central Ohio bands, has toured, and has even been a Sound Engineer.  Pat has extensive recording experience with various bands and as a studio musician. Pat is an ever-learning guitarist, who helpfully teaches others. Perfect for this band, he is a multi-genre lead guitarist.  Pat says “Sure, we can learn that!”

The ‘Manager’ and Vocalist - Karla Kay 

Karla Kay is a Columbus OH resident.  She has been memorizing lyrics, writing songs, and singing too loud, since age three.  She spent her childhood summers in community theater in Athens, OH where her father and mother were professors. After completing her Masters of Public Administration at Ohio University, she worked for many state & federal agencies, and made time for singing and acting in every state she resided. Most recently, while working in D.C. for 3 years, Karla Kay routinely sang Jazz, Soul, & Blues with top professional accompanists.  She  recorded a one-take vocal demo CD of multiple genres.   After returning to her awaiting house hhe built in Columbus, Karla Kay invested in this eclectic, multi-genre, quality band; because she wants to make music and cause smiles. 

Karla Kay says “When you are going through Hell, keep going!” (Winston Churchill)


 The Drummer and Vocalist - Sotero "Suke" Gebara 

Sotero “Suke”Gebara is a native Texan, who resides now for past 20 years in Columbus, Ohio. His experience encompasses 55+ Years of Drumming, Percussion, & Vocal experience, performed at a multitude of diverse venues. Suke has toured with top artists from Texas & Ohio. He is well versed in all music types from original compositions to Americana, Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Country, Gospel & Contemporary Christian, Funk, Jazz, Pop, Folk, Persian, and especially Latin Rhythms.       Suke Says: “Yes, I’ve played that before…”

The "Sidemen"   These musicians play and rehearse with Victorious KayBirds and are always ready when needed.


Drums - Ron Hilditch

Saxophone – Brad Esau

Saxophone - John Carson

Saxophone - Joel Caniff

Trumpet Trombone - Larry Remer

Trombone & Bass - Mike Foley 

Bass- Matt Egger

Bass - Tyler Reed

Guitar - David Painter

Keyboard-Amelia Walsh


Book Today   Book Early   Book with Confidence   Book with Requests  

AT @VictoriousKayBirds  while on FB to Book directly or message or write to:     BookingVKB@Gmail.com

 Our Music is our Passion.  Websites are Not our Passion. 

Let the KayBirds Arise, after they eat!  We love to be outside!

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