What a mix of talent - the KayBirds fit in anywhere
Can't fit us into one photo - so we splice and diced it!
July 3 2019 Party Event Downtown Brat, Beer, Birds, Boom
How to show our Genres on our Logo....musicians not artists
We were selected to Compete in this Challenge Competition. 4/ 2019
Out in Utica at the Red River Barn for a Foodie Mardi Gras
Loved our Mardi Gras Shows in 2019 - Looking forward to more
The Downtown Columbus Fun Place - Olive's, made even more fun!
Another Mardi Gras Themed Event - 3/5/2019 , then a JAM.
Victorious KayBirds - some are OU alumni, some are not.
We love to entertain at weddings and parties. Ask about discounts
Karla Kay Basking in the music - like a light.
We appreciate that they appreciate!
Lots of Purple and Green at the Utica Mardi Gras Event. A sound man's nightmare!
A fill in Sax player with a Long History of excellent Jamming.
another show
Good fun increases with Good music
NOLA colors added to bottom of our Logo. Book early for your Mardi Gras events
We Won ! First Place- voted by Judges! And that was only 3 of us!
Reviews from the heart
Events and Festivals and Weddings, Oh my!
Stretching with music at Woodlands Tavern Columbus
Everyone in their own world, but together.
We Won! Acoustically- Buckeye Lake Winery Band Showdown
The amazing Copious & Notes Venue in Columbus
Winners with our smaller version of VKB
What We Do
In her Blue Rock Days, last year.
Ian, Victor, Kay
Outside Gig in Upper Arlington
Victor Floyd, Ian McCormick at Notes Venue.
Patrick Painter n his accoustic
Outside gig at Newark
Show Me a Man that's Gotta Good Woman.....
Lee Berman on SAX, Pat Painter on Lead Guitar
She thinks she swallowed a Fly, but the show must go on
Other Musicians Like Us!
Victor Floyd on Keyboard
Garden Party Event in UA, OH
Fundraiser at Notes Victor Ian, Kay, Suke, Lee, Pat.
Watching the Sax player in the 95 degree heat - taking a break
VKB Logo Photo smaller


Don't Let Me Down.....Beatles Cover and actual request! 

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